More courtship advice for the boys.

Guys, one piece of advice on courtship: Never, ever brag. Never say how good you are at something. There isn’t a single valid scenario for you to brag. You think it’s charming, making the girl all excited about how much you can bench. (DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRAH?) No, you just made yourself sound like a jerk/douchebag.

The reason I’m saying this is because I just spoke to one of my female friends about how she went on a date but it felt like a one-way lesson about some guy’s achievements. Have you ever heard any of your female friends tell you: “Hey I’m falling for this guy because he is a DJ/can bench 1.5x his weight/am one of the best drivers I know/could’ve represented my country in *insert douche sport here*.”

Water Polo: Biggest amount of douche in a single sport

Water Polo: Biggest amount of douche in a single sport

There’s a fine line between confidence and bragging. It’s always better for the lady to ask you what you did as a sport during your school days or see how you drive rather than telling her outright, without reasons. Even if you played against Roger Federer in the quarter finals of the Wimbledon, play down your achievements. Correct me if I’m wrong ladies, but women like a humble guy who always aims to improve himself.

Tip: Say: “I’m really passionate about *sport/hobby/activity you’re good at* and play it quite often.” So even if you really suck at it (LOL I love playing soccer and snooker, but I’m so bad at it, I promise), if the lucky lady gets to see you in action, the expectations are already pretty low, hence your performances will certainly impress.

Ultimately, one of the qualities ladies look for in their man is making them feel comfortable, not a man of achievements. It’ll serve you well to remember that piece of advice.


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