For the love of all creation.

I like to start this blog post by saying a heartfelt Thank You to all who have visited this blog and complimented that I write well. Compliments are hard to come by nowadays. Whether I really write well or not is besides the point; I’m happy you enjoyed reading my posts.

I’ve had the occasional good-natured feedback about my blogging style and direction. Actually, I am more than happy to produce content that would have a positive impact on others’ lives and/or create a community for discussion on relevant topics. In a selfish sense, I’m not trying for mass appeal; Fame and money are bonuses.

I think our society (or Asian societies, in general) share this deeply embedded notion about life: making money. “Go to university, so that you can secure a well-paying job”. What happens after? You work for a company for a cause you may not believe in, only to be oppressed by old management, but to what end?

Now now, I hear you. Increased cost of living is making life tough nowadays. You only want to earn enough. But when has anyone looked at their bank account and said: “Yeah that’s enough?”

Credit: Stephan Pastis, “Pearls Before Swine” comic

So where does all this lead to? What gives life its flavour? To me personally, it’s about creating something that the world can enjoy. That’s where true fulfillment lies, being able to share your creation with the world reciprocating back.

Its also about being true to yourself. To produce something borne of your love for that subject. By creating something, setting your own rules and boundaries, I think there’s a lot of much-needed soul searching to be done.

This realisation hit me a couple of years back; I was performing with my friend Ryan Teh in front of 200 people, singing and playing the guitar, to raucous applause. That brief moment when you know someone is enjoying something you created, that feeling of connecting with the audience, is quite indescribable.

To borrow a top comment from a YouTube video:

“…that they have touched people and people touched them … just love, simple plain love. The moment when you feel that you are part of something beautiful and big, you belong. Just love.”

I always thought that artists have a better measure of life than others. Musicians, script writers, bloggers, authors, comic artists, game designers, chefs, fashion designers: all of them have a single common purpose: to create something that the world can appreciate, experience and associate with.

You can start! Write a blog (or book), compose a song, form a network, pursue painting or photography, learn to cook, to name a few. For those who abhor rules, shouldn’t you have started already, instead of complaining? Personally, I have two things I want to accomplish within a year from now:

  1. Performing weekly acoustic sessions at a pub. Hopefully I can perform enough songs on my guitar for a place to accept me!
  2. Writing, filming and producing my own YouTube mini-series, based on a love story where I aim for my audience can connect with and understand what the characters are going through, as opposed to a fantasy love story that will never happen in real life.

I decided to include my personal “creation” goals in this blog post for accountability, instead of just dreaming but never doing.

After being rampant consumers for most of our lives, when was the last time you did something that had a positive impact on a stranger’s life?

Once again, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post. If this post, or any post, made you think a little, smile a little, or just pushed you towards happiness a little, then you’ve made my day.

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