Hope can be the most powerful force known to mankind.

Hope is the essence of dreams; it keeps us going every single day. We live for our dreams to come true. What dreams do you have?

Hope is nothing without action.

Hope is taking the leap and risking it all for a better future, be it your job security or your heart.

Hope is belief: Self-belief and believing in others.

Hope is the foundation of innovation, the catalyst for change and improvement: flying airplanes, a millions apps in your palm and rising cancer survival rates.

Hope is the absence of realism. Realistic people never have hope. They work within the boundaries of what they believe is possible and thus limiting themselves to such.

Hope is taking a new musical instrument, sport or language and practising day in day out.

Hope is watching your team play every week, even though they’ve been playing really badly lately. Because Hope is knowing that your team will have its day.

Hope is watching your younger siblings or kids grow up to be upright and compassionate people in society who can stand on their own feet.

Hope is asking her out for dinner, even though she might not seem to be interested in you. 

Hope is opening the door not just in your head, but in your heart.

Hope is changing the world into a better place, one small gesture of kindness at a time.

Hope banishes fear. Hope is saying no to that irrelevant word “impossible”.

Hope is not giving up, not surrendering.

Hope defies logic and reasoning. 

Hope trumps all.

Never lose Hope.


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