The forgotten remote control.

Remember when your family had to fight over the remote control? Or at least, seen the same on American sitcoms? Ever wondered why we don’t care anymore?

It’s not because we can simply download the latest episode of Game of Thrones and whine about it on Facebook; well partially though.

It’s because we are slowly starting to live in our own individual shells.

Picture the typical family out on a nice Sunday dinner. Yup, they’re all glued to their phones. When they get home, they just get to use bigger screens: tablets and computers.

This happens when friends hang out too, even between couples. It’s sad if you sit opposite your “loved one”, Instagram your dinner and hashtag dinnerwithbaby when you’re better off doing it alone since you aren’t talking 90% of the time.

Are we truly “connected”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting the blame on technology. My Master Sergeant in the army once told me: A good carpenter never blames his own tools.

I think there’s a shift (at least from what I’m seeing in Singapore) to more individuality; narcissism if you will. Everyone is looking out for number one: themselves.

Apparently, there is an inane need to entertain every possible second of your life, despite being in the company of loved ones. Or the desire to drown yourself in… well, yourself; either in selfies or Whatsapp group chats.

When was the last time you asked your parents how work is treating them? Or checked on your siblings’ school or career? How about your friend’s new horrible boss that came in just last week? Or your other friend’s wedding preparations?

Perhaps I sit on the tree of social interaction, the forgotten cousin of the now-hip social media. I believe that meals in company were meant to spark conversation and nostalgia. I believe advertisement breaks served to let everyone have a say as to what they think is about to happen next. I believe the best moments in life are shared in person, not on Facebook.

Normally, I’d leave a “Share on Facebook” button after every post, but this time, if you really want to, tell your friends in person.


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