I read it on Reddit.

Before you begin, please be aware that the word “read” in the title should be read/pronounced in past tense, like “rad”. Okay now, repeat the title once more in your head.

Ah, now you get the pun.

This post is about Reddit! If you haven’t heard, it’s basically a website where any registered user can submit and share interesting content and other users can ” vote up” or “vote down” that submission or post.

Users can also comment on the link (click on the ### comments just below the title) and even the comments can get voted up or down (think top rated comments on YouTube, except no mindless top comments about some stupid face at 2:07 or Justin Bieber). Which kinda works for itself in the sense that you will only see the top rated comments, some of which are informative, thought provoking and mostly hilarious.

Sounds complicated? Not to worry, it’s your lucky day. Check out this über cool guide Bryan Xie made:

A subreddit is where the content really feels more organised and targeted. Think of it as a category or even a sub-community that works like Reddit. Here are some of my favourite subreddits:

Well, those are my favourite subreddits. The beauty of having an account (it’s free) with Reddit is that you can customise your Front Page with YOUR subreddits. Try it yourself! Click here and search for ANY topic of your interest: Diablo, Kpop, reddevils, coversongs, fashion, singapore, newyork, mma, coldplay etc. Anything.

Alternatively, you could just try your luck and type reddit.com/r/______ into your address bar. Hopefully, you can start discovering and interacting with like-minded individuals who will share interesting/helpful content on these subreddits.

I think there’s more the Internet can offer than just 9gag and YouTube. If you’re looking for a place to make you laugh, tickle your thought process, learn something new each day or feel connected with millions around the world, I think I have just the place for you.

Have you Reddit yet?

P.S. For iPhone users, the official app is called iReddit. Android users can use Reddit is fun.