Why a Blog?

Hi everyone. Many people asked me why I came up with this blog. Most of them gave me the “you-don’t-seem-like-the-sort-of-person-who-takes-photos-of-EVERYTHING-you-eat/do-and-post-it-on-a-blog” look.

I can’t really tell you the main reason for this blog or it’s true purpose as it is still in its budding stages. However, I can tell you that a list of contributing factors that pushed me to start it:

  • Narcissism. At least I can admit it. If you don’t already know, I’m quite the opinionated person with enough confidence for two of us. And it feels good to know that people are reading what you write. It’s kinda fulfilling. Well no one’s stopping you from starting your own blog. Send me a link and I’ll read yours. 🙂
  • Sharing good content. I’m a firm believer of being “in-the-know”, be it news, social media, music, politicals, sports, to name a few. If I come across an interesting/hilarious/thought-provoking/disgustingly wrong article or view, I’ll post it. I think it’ll be nice if everyone had the habit of sharing. Caring IS sharing. Besides, you don’t want to be the dumbass who’s asking everyone at the dinner table who the hell    (insert talentless celebrity/overpaid athlete here)     is.
  • Rant. All you bastards/degenerates out there who really deserve a good backhand across the face: You’re lucky I don’t have the balls to do it in person. I’ll just “bash” you here.
  • Educate/motivate? I don’t know, I like to help people along the way in my life and if my blog has given you the knowledge and/or emotional push to do something extraordinary (something everyone deserves), then I’m happy.
  • Crystallise my thoughts. Well I guess that’s the whole reason it’s called a blog in the first right? I want to be able to look back and see how my thought process has started out and how it has evolved over the years. Nice to also keep a journal of the journey, my journey of what most people call life.

So yeah, there you go. You asked/clicked. I answered.

If you want to ask me more questions, click here to get to my contact page.


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